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ENAV Extraordinary meeting 1 (31)

The opening plenary of the extraordinary meeting 1 (31)  of the ENAV Committee will be held physically at IALA HQ on the 30 January 2023 at 09.00 UTC (10.00 CET) with the possibility to connect remotely and the closing plenary will be held online between 10:00 – 11:00 UTC on Thursday 9 February 2022. The […]

ENAV WG2 rPNT / Work Programme

ENAV WG2 Meetings

Start with a presentation of rPNT by K Heikonnen, then review the work programme (existing and proposed)

ENAV WG2 MarCom Manual/MASS Guideline

ENAV WG2 Meetings

Review Mass Guideline work, continue work on MarCom.  May split into 2 groups - to be confirmed during WG2 plenary.


ENAV WG3 Meetings

Status of other bodies: do we have to consider to create more input to WRC-23 to support the discussison what happenes at ENG Input: EM1- Liaison note to ENAV on VDES R-Mode Implementation

ENAV WG2 Tech Review

ENAV WG2 Meetings

Finish LEO Sat review, Note SADRM review; Summary of Tech Doc Review (noting EM1-

ENAV WG2 MarCom Manual

ENAV WG2 Meetings

Review content - complete content if possible