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The ENG18 committee meeting will take place in Saint Germain-en-Laye (IALA HQ) from 8 to 12 April 2024.

Registration is required through this link.

SessionDeadline input paperPhysical week
(Monday to Friday
Online Closing PlenaryNotes
ENG 188 March 20248 – 12 April 2024
Commence on Monday at 10:00 CEST
18 April 2024
10:00-11:00 UTC
Opening Plenary
part of the physical week on 8 April


The ENG17 committee meeting will take place in Saint Germain-en-Laye (IALA HQ) from 16 – 20 Oct 2023.

Registration is required through this link.

SessionDeadline input paperPhysical week
(Monday to Friday
Online Closing PlenaryNotes
ENG 1715 Sept 202316 – 20 Oct 2023
Commence on Monday at 10:00 CEST
27 Oct 2023
10:00-11:00 UTC
Opening Plenary
part of the physical week on 16 Oct.

Programme for the week 17 JUL 2023 16:00 UTC


Late input papers 12 October 2022 13:00 UTC

The following late input papers have been recently uploaded to the website, here is the link:

  • ENG16-3.2.8 Liaison note to all Committees on New Technologie Review
  • ENG16-3.2.9 Liaison note to ENG on VDES R-mode
  • ENG16- Status update on Korean R-Mode test bed project
  • ENG16- eLoran ASF data Product Specification Development
  • ENG16- S-245 eLoran ASF data Product Specification_ed.1.0
  • ENG16-1.4.1 Draft programme for the week
  • ENG16- Tidal current chart drawing test by using multi-functional buoy in Shanghai port

Programme for the week 11 October 2022 07:00 UTC

Input papers 28 September 2022 07:00 UTC

Input papers submitted to ENG16 are available through this link

General information 06 September 2022 10:00 UTC

The opening plenary of the 16th session of the ENGCommittee will be held physically at IALA HQ on the 17 October 2022 at 11.00 UTC (13.00 CEST) with the possibility to connect remotely and the closing plenary will be held online between 10:00 – 12:00 UTC on Friday 28 October 2022. The physical week will take place at IALA HQ between the 17 – 21 October 2022, commencing with the opening plenary.

Input papers for ENG16 are available in this link.


The following documents have been moved into silent approval assessment 11 MAR 2022 15:00 UTC

ENG15-12.1.3 Liaison note to ARM – Definition of Nominal range of AtoN lights

ENG15-12.3.1 Draft revision to GL1127 – Systems and Services for High-accuracy Positioning and Ranging_v0.1

ENG15-12.3.2 Draft revision to GL1129 – retransmission of SBAS corrections

ENG15-12.3.3 Draft GL1147 – The use of ERPS

ENG15-12.3.4 Liaison note to ENAV Committee – R-Mode Standardisation

ENG15-12.3.5 Liaison note to ENAV – IMO position on VDES and digital VHF support at WRC-27

ENG15-12.3.6 Draft input to NCSR9 on WRC23 AI10 – Including ENG comments for ENAV to consider

ENG15-12.3.7 Liaison note to RTCM SC104 on R-Mode messages

ENG15-12.4.1 Input to Council on the Change of Selection Process of the Heritage Lighthouse of the Year

ENG15-12.2.2 R0141 Training and Certification of Marine Aids to Navigation Personnel (E-141) Ed4.1 December 2017

ENG15-12.2.3 Draft Guideline on solar module for a marine environment

The following documents are under silent approval assessment 10 MAR 2022 10:00 UTC

ENG15-12.0.1 Liaison note to all committees on sustainability workshop

ENG15-12.0.2 Sustainability Workshop proposal

ENG15-12.1.1 G1135 Effective Intensity Ed2.0 December 2020

ENG15-12.1.2 Revision of R0204 Marine Signal Lights-Determination and Calculation of Effective Intensity

ENG15-12.2.1 Draft Guideline QC for 3rd Party AtoN Service Providers

The following updates have been carried out in the IALA website 01 MAR 2022 16:00 UTC

  • Assignation of new slots for the presentation session
  • New meetings scheduled for all the working groups this week
  • New input paper upload for ENG15: ENG15- RTCM navigation message for medium frequency R-Mode – available online
  • A request from the Secretary General Francis Zachariae encouraging IALA members to submit the relevant papers to the IALA Conference 2023

The session of the ENG15 committee will be held virtually from 28 February to 17 March 2022.

Deadline for input papers 28 January 2022 – input paper template available here:


ENG14 WG3 IMO Correspondence Group on Generic receiver performance standards 19 OCT 2021 15:00 UTC

Thursday 21st @ 1200-1230 UTC – IMO Correspondence Group on Generic receiver performance standards. This meeting will review the work of the correspondence group and provide an update on progress to date.

ENG14 WG3 TG-3.1.1 Guideline on resilient PNT 19 OCT 2021 15:00 UTC

New meeting: Thursday 21st @ 1300-1330 UTC – Resilient PNT Guideline Task Group meeting This meeting will review the latest version of the Guideline.

ENG14 WG1 TG-2.5.2 Develop new guideline on radar reflector (reflection) properties 18 OCT 2021 14:00 UTC

The task aiming at developing new guideline on radar reflector (reflection) properties (scheduled on 19 and 20 October) has been postponed until the 29 October from 08.00 to 10.00 UTC.

ENG WG3 TG-3.4.6 SBAS performance for Maritime – Review of G1129 and approach

This new task proposed during the WG3 plenary will be addressed during two technical sessions on 18 October 12.00 UTC and 20 October 12.00 UTC.

ENG ENAV ARM presentation on 19 October 12.00UTC

GEOCUBA will be providing a lecture on Workers and Light Keepers Courses: a new training level followed by the IALA WWA activity presentation.

ENG14 Opening Plenary 29 SEP 2021 08:00 UTC

Opening plenary starts at 10:00 UTC, Monday 4 October 2021 and the meeting room opens at 09:30 UTC.

ENG14 is in session: 4 October to 2 November 2021

Welcome to ENG14 25 AUG 2021 16:00 UTC

Dear ENG14 participant,

Thank you very much for registering for ENG14. IALA are looking forward to ‘welcoming’ you all to the Opening Plenary. I would like to remind you that the plenary will be held between 10:00 – 12:00 UTC on Monday 4 October 2021, the link to the meeting will be shortly make available and will be open by 09:30 UTC so that you can join early if you wish to.  This will mitigate against any technical issues and mean we can begin on time.

Once the meeting has started we would like to ask you to mute your microphone and turn your cameras off, unless you are speaking to the plenary as a whole. Please ensure that your MS Teams name reflects who you are and, if possible, the IALA Member that you are representing. IALA will be recording the meeting.

I will now take you through some key information:

  1. The ENG14 Mail Group
  2. The ENG Dashboard
  3. A reminder of the working arrangements

The ENG14 Mail Group

As a registered participant you will be added to a mailing group. This will be one of the main channels that information relating to the whole Committee from the Secretariat and, if a participant deems it necessary, to contact everyone will be sent from.

For most issues please continue to e-mail a more targeted list of recipients and only use this mailing group if it is relevant to everybody. This mail group will also be used for the silent approval procedure as well as the dedicated area on the dashboard. For your information recipients belonging to the group are:

  • Committee Chair and Vice-Chair
  • All WG Chairs and Vice-Chairs
  • All registered participants
  • The Secretariat

The ENG Dashboard

The ENG Dashboard includes a calendar section that provides an overview and links for all the meetings of Task Groups, as well as other pages for you to utilize. I will be briefly providing an outline of the Dashboard at the Opening Plenary but I urge you all to explore these pages and become familiar with them beforehand.

The following documents will be posted in the Resources area:

  • Download the Inputs papers for ENG14,
  • Access the new Style Guide to prepare and review IALA documentation
  • Download the recommendation and guideline templates
  • Access the file sharing area

Deadline for input papers 6 September 2021