ENG8 was held at IALA HQ from 15 to 19 October 2018

The eighth meeting of the ENG Committee (ENG8) was held from 15th to 19th October 2018 in IALA HQ.

The session was attended by 82 participants from 28 countries, of which 51 were National Members, 15 were Industrial Members, 16 were Associate Members. There were no observers. Seventeen participants attended for the first time. The following chart shows an analysis of the participation.

Working in three working groups, the Committee considered 90 input papers including presentations and produced 29 output documents including 6 revised Academy model courses, 2 draft Recommendations, 3 draft Guidelines, 4 workshop/seminar proposals and 17 working papers. All Recommendations and Guidelines considered were aligned with the proposed seven Standards.

The Committee produced the following Recommendations, Guidelines, Model Courses:

  • Draft new Recommendation on Resilient PNT
  • Draft IALA Recommendation R0200-1 (E200-1) Ed.2 on Marine Signal Lights Colours
  • Draft Guideline 1006 on plastic buoys
  • Draft Guideline G1067-3 Ed.2 Electrical Energy Storage for AtoN_Dec2017
  • Draft Guideline 1065 Ed.4 AtoN Signal Light Beam Vertical Divergence_Dec2017
  • Draft new WWA Model Course L1.2 Master of AtoN Management

The Committee drafted the following proposals for workshops/ seminars:

  • Proposal for R-Mode workshop 2019
  • Draft Cyber Security Workshop Proposal
  • Draft Heritage Seminar Proposal
  • IALALITE- IALABATT workshop proposal 2021