European project concludes three years of maritime digitalisation

European Project concludes three years of maritime digitalisation
As the EU-funded digitalisation project EfficienSea2 draws to a close, the partners share research, digital solutions and more online. This includes work on the Maritime Connectivity Platform, VDES, Port Reporting and a number of digital end-user services.

Christopher Saarnak, Project Leader of EfficienSea2 and Senior Adviser at the Danish Maritime Authority, explains:

“We are proud of our shared achievements throughout the last 36 months and confident about our solutions having a real impact. All partners involved in EfficienSea2 have made specific plans for how they are going to exploit the different solutions, but making our innovative work available for different maritime stakeholders has always been a key feature of the project.”

At you can read more about the project wrapping up.

You can also go straight to the published deliverables. More deliverables will follow as they are accepted by the EU.

Finally, you can take a look at some of different solutions presented at our final conference.