IALA Industrial Members Committee 2018-2022

At the General Assembly of the Industrial Members held on 31st May 2018 during the 19th IALA Conference in Incheon, Republic of Korea, the new Industrial Members Committee was elected for the next 4 years.

The Committee consists of – from left to right:

Europe/Africa Representative, Mr Lars Mansner, Sabik, Member at Large, Mr John Sugarman, Australian Maritime Systems, Country of the next Conference: Mr Marcel Tetu, Arbo Plasticos, Americas Representative, Mr Clive W Quickenden, Tideland Signal Corporation (represented by Mr Alfredo Dominguez), Member at Large, Mr Chris Procter, Sealite Pty Ltd, and Asian/Oceania Representative, Mr Noboru Maruoka, Zeni Lite Buoy Co., Ltd.

Congratulations IMC!