Launching of the Maritime Connectivity Platform Consortium

On the 8th of February 2019, the Maritime Connectivity Platform Consortium (MCC) was established with a signature ceremony during the ‘e-Navigation Underway International 2019’ conference.

This is an important step for e-navigation – and for the digitalisation in the maritime domain at large. A platform like the Maritime Connectivity Platform is needed in order to ensure secure and reliable information exchange.

The structure of the consortium is inspired from the World Wide Web consortium. It has a core of so called host-members, which are the ones signing the consortium arrangement, and which are all non-profit organisations. Every other relevant organisation is invited to join as regular member.

IALA is part of the consortium advisory board, which is intended to have representatives from international organisations.

The picture shows the signing ceremony during e-Navigation Underway on board Pearl Seaways

Please read the press release here