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IALA Level 1 Marine Aids to Navigation Manager Course Distance Learning Programme 2019

The IALA World Wide Academy offers a distance learning programme to achieve qualification as an international IALA Level 1.1 Marine Aids to Navigation Manager. The programme consists of two modules of online learning, activities, case studies and examinations in addition to a residential course at an Accredited Training Organisation at various international locations. If all three modules are completed consecutively the qualification should be achieved within a year.

Registration is now available. Further details are attached in the course fact sheet and registration form.

The pictures were taking during the closing ceremony of the Level 2 training at the training facilitations of DIMAR, congratulations to all participants!


As there is a great demand for Spanish training in the region of Meso America and South America IALA will deliver the next Training Seminar on the Use of the IALA Risk Management Toolbox in Colombia between the 18 till 22 November. This event will be hosted by DIMAR Colombia and they will arrange for simultaneous translation to Spanish. This will be the first Spanish Seminar on the Risk Management Toolbox, a great achievement for the region. The seminar will provide an international overview of risk management stressing the importance of stakeholder liaison before demonstrating the value of the four IALA Risk Management Tools – IWRAP Mk 2; PAWSA, SIRA and Simulation in waterway planning. The seminar is targeted at those involved in the design, marking and management of waterways.


Level 2 Technicians Training in Argentina

The World-Wide Academy announcement on behalf of Hidrovia Academy on Aids to Navigation (Argentina) as the Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) by the Competent Authority of Aids to Navigation, the Naval Hidrography Service (IALA National Member) have successfully given the following Model Courses in Technical Personnel Training, Level 2, in Spanish:

November 2017: International Certification in Technical Management, Configuration and Installation of Racons (Module 7) and AIS-AtoN (Module 8);

September 2018: International Certification in Technical Management, Configuration and Installation of Energy Systems in Aids to Navigation (Module 2)

In order to continue with this programme, it was set a date for a new Model Course oriented to the Lighting System implemented in Aids to Navigation (Module 3). This course offers the following subjects:

  • L2.3.1 – 3.3 Introduction to Marine Signal Lanterns
  • L2.3.4 – 3.6 Light Flashers, Lamp Changers and Self Contained Marine Lanterns
  • L2.3.7 Rotating Beacons and Classic Lenses
  • L2.3.8 – 3.9 Maintenance of Mercury Rotating Optics
  • L2.3.10 Range, Sector and Precision Direction Lights

Professionals from the Spanish company Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas (IALA Industrial Member and Accredited Training Organisation by Puertos del Estado, IALA National Member) will participate as part of the teaching staff in the development of the course.

The course will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from Monday 2nd to Saturday 7th of September, 2019.

A maximum of fifteen attendants will be able to join.

The enrollment details, development and activities will be available in the following email addresses: ;


La World-Wide Academy (IALA-WWA), a través de la Academia Hidrovía de Ayudas a la Navegación (Argentina) como Organización de Capacitación Acreditada (ATO) por la Autoridad Competente en Ayudas a la Navegación, el Servicio de Hidrografía Naval (Miembro Nacional de IALA), ha brindado de forma exitosa los siguientes Cursos de Capacitación al Personal Técnico de Nivel 2 en español:


  • Noviembre 2017 – Curso de Certificación Internacional en la Gestión Técnica, Configuración e Instalación de Racones (Módulo 7) y AIS-AtoN (Módulo 8).
  • Septiembre 2018 – Curso de Certificación Internacional en la Gestión Técnica, Configuración e Instalación de los Sistemas Energéticos en Ayudas a la Navegación (Módulo 2).



Continuando con este programa, se ha fijado la fecha para un nuevo curso orientado al Sistema Lumínico implementado en las Ayudas a la Navegación – Modulo 3, con las siguientes materias:


  • L2.3.1 – 3.3    Luces y Linternas Marinas
  • L2.3.4 – 3.6   Destelladores, Cambia-lámparas y Linternas Autocontenidas
  • L2.3.7             Balizas Giratorias y Lentes Clásicos
  • L2.3.8 – 3.9   Mantenimiento de Ópticas Giratorias en Mercurio
  • L2.3.10           Luces de Largo Alcance, Linternas de Sector y Precisión.


Durante el desarrollo del curso, profesionales de la empresa Española Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas, Miembro Industrial y Organización de Capacitación Acreditada por Puertos del Estado (Miembro Nacional de IALA), participarán del dictado del curso.


El desarrollo del curso se dará en Buenos Aires, Argentina, desde el lunes 2 al sábado 7 de Septiembre de 2019 inclusive, con una carga horaria de 45 horas y un cupo máximo de 15 asistentes.


Los detalles de inscripción, desarrollo, actividades y demás misceláneas de este curso se podrán consultar al email: ;

IALA 3rd Pre-Diplomatic Conference in Istanbul Turkey from 12 to 14 March 2019 & WWA Seminar on the Safety of Navigation, 11 March 2019

National members and representatives of governments wishing to participate in the Third Preparatory Diplomatic Conference to continue the detailed reading of the draft IALA Convention that have not registered as yet are encouraged to do so, using the link: Participants can access the documents for the conference through this link:

The World-Wide Academy organizes a Seminar on the Safety of Navigation under the theme of “Effective Implementation of IALA Standards” the day before the Conference at the same venue. Registration is now available on this link: There is no fee to participate in the Seminar. Please note that separate registrations are needed for the Seminar and for the Conference.

Achievements of the Academy

During the 19th IALA Conference in Incheon, Republic of Korea, a brochure was launched on the success story of the World-Wide Academy. It informs on the achievements of the Academy from 2012 till May 2018. This visual shows you how conducting technical missions in combination with training people lead to a significant decrease of States in Need.