VTS45 was held at IALA HQ from 1 to 5 October 2018

The 45th Session of the VTS Committee was held at IALA Headquarters from 1 to 5 October 2018.

96 Delegates from 27 countries, 4 sister organisations and 1 observer participated in VTS45. This included 19 participants for the first time;

This was the first meeting for the 2018-2022 Work Programme and the VTS Committee considered 63 input papers and produced 16 output papers of three Working Groups.

Key outputs included:

The completion or revision of the following Recommendations and Guidelines:

  • Recommendation R0127 on VTS Operations;
  • Guideline G1141 on Operational Procedures for VTS;
  • Guideline G1142 on The provision of Local Port Services;
  • Guideline G1045 on Staffing Levels at VTS Centres;

A template description was drafted for a joint IALA, WMO and IHO submission to IMO on Maritime Services.

A reference document was completed for the IALA documentation related to VTS and will be available on the IALA website.